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Getting Your Child’s Vision Ready for the Classroom: North Vancouver Children’s Eye Exams

Many professionals stress that approximately 80% of learning takes place through a child's eyes. Because a child's eyesight may change occasionally, consistent eye and vision care is crucial to a student's classroom success. Surprisingly, most parents don't make sight tests part of their child's back-to-school health check-up. In addition a recent survey found that over half of parents don't take their child for an eye exam until age three or older. The AOA actually suggests that kids receive their first sight assessment at half a year, then comprehensive vision examinations starting at age three, before beginning school. Check-ups should continue to be booked consistently every two years after.

A good number of the issues a child suffers from in school may be the result of sight difficulties. The percentage of students who have undiagnosed vision problems is extremely large. Over 60% of students identified as "problem learners" actually have undiagnosed vision problems. You can avoid childhood trauma if you take a proactive role in ensuring your child is seeing properly.

Don't wait until your child enters kindergarten for his first thorough eye examination. Pediatricians should do a dilated eye check-up to discover any serious eye problems by the first two months of life. It's important to uncover any issues right away, because children are often more responsive to treatment when taken care of early. Furthermore as a parent, it's important to see whether your child is reading sufficiently. Generally, most kindergarteners are excited to look at books and attempt to read. Children that don't read books may suffer from a vision problem. Before you jump to any conclusions, it's a advisable to get a vision check-up. For a pediatric eye exam in North Vancouver, BC, call us to book an appointment.

Remember that the earlier a vision problem is identified and treated, the greater the chances for successful treatment. And vision is a crucial component for school work. If a child's vision is flawed, increasing visual requirements such as smaller print in books or more homework can considerably influence a student's success. At the same time new technology in the classroom, such as the use of interactive SMARTboards, can also potentially exacerbate less obvious vision impairments. A student with poor vision will be affected both at school, and emotionally and physically. Before school starts this year, make sure your child's vision is on par! Contact us to book a North Vancouver, BC eye exam today.